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COVID-19 (Living Under the Quarantine) - S01 E01

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Living under the national quarantine for the fourth week in a row is not easy for anyone. Whether you work from home or laid off because of the COVID-19 crisis. Single or parent, alone or with a family, it doesn't matter, it's a tough situation to be in for all human beings of all walks of life.

More than half of humanity were on lockdown when this episode was recorded and over a million cases of COVID-19 around the globe. The Canadian Army being situated in the GTA area to help with tasks that usually city workers were doing, and to enforce physical distancing rules. Such a time in history that Canadians, and the whole world, haven't ever seen. This episode is a part of a series of episode in season 1 of the Quantumly Leaping Podcast to talk about the current crisis and the lessons we should learn out of it as humanity.

Episode's Topics:

  • 01:00 - The severity of the situation and the importance of physical distancing
  • 11:00 - Working from home becoming the new norm and the effect on the internet speed. The world wasn't ready to accommodate such high internet access demand and many jobs can't be done from home.
  • 21:35 - The stress on people, families and kids and the mental issues that this quarantine rules are affecting everybody. The rise of the domestic violence cases and social anxiety
  • 31:00 - The earth and the environment is becoming cleaner as most human polluting activities are on halt.


Bill Gates TEDx Talk (2015):

DW Report about domestic violence during the COVID-19 lockdown:

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