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The Role of Technology in the COVID-19 Crisis (S01 - E02)

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So, we’re still doing our podcast from the safety of our own homes using Microsoft Teams and this is the second episode in a series of episodes we’re talking about COVID-19 crisis. In this episode we are concentrating on the role of technology of helping during the COVID-19 crisis and the permanent effect that it will have on our lives even after this crisis. We have 4 major topics we discussed in this episode.

Episode Topics

  • 01:10 - The technology helping in working from home and how that will affect all kinds of businesses after the crisis also on working models, reducing office spaces and office space rentals.
  • 10:05 - How many small and medium businesses (even Governmental) has got into online businesses and remote work technologies like they have never done before.
  • 20:00 - The role of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector during this pandemic and after it.
  • 30:20 - The role of Artificial Intelligence in general in helping to control this pandemic using data points and prediction models etc. and how that affected many political decisions and safety measurements.


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