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Mental Health and the Role of Society to Combat it (S01 - E04)

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Last week (April 18th-19th, 2020) a mass shooter went on a rampage for over 12 hours in the province of Nova Scotia here in Canada. Investigations are still on the way at the time we recorded this episode but there are strong signs of a mental problem for the shooter. Two years ago, in about the same period, a mentally ill man killed 10 people hitting them in a rental truck in Toronto, only two months after that another mentally ill armed young man killed two and injured 13 in a mass shooting in the Danforth area in Toronto. Endless stories of people taking their own lives because of mental problems and the issue got bigger during the COVID-19 crisis. In this episode we are trying to shed some light on the mental health issue and how the society (local or global) can combat it together. Sharing personal stories and life experiences we're not trying to, nor claiming, that we offer any solution but we're trying to keep the conversation going on as we believe it's not being talked about enough.

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