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Personal Development in the 21st Century (S01 - E09)

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This new age and the repercussions of COVID-19 has changed the way we communicate and affected our personal development methods and approaches. For thousands of years people were only communicating in person and rarely outside their own communities and cultures. The development of their communication skills, crafts or knowledge was limited to specific geographic location and bound to their own culture till the 20th century came up with the new methods of remote communication and of course, The Internet.

Although it was the 20th century that the internet came out, the easy access and availability in high speed wasn’t that much till recently. The 21st century came up with a better, faster and more reliable internet connection that is wireless and fairly cheap. Since then everything changed including the methods and means of personal development. Also, with the global lockdown for COVID-19 in 2020 the need for more virtual development increased significantly and changed the face of the world forever. In this episode we will learn about personal development in the 21st century and during and post COVID-19 pandemic.

Episode Topics:

  1. 0:47 Introduction to the episode and upcoming episodes
  2. 2:10 The Power of networking at events. building relationship lead to success
    a. Have a networking strategy
    b. Following up techniques
  3. 12:21 Expanding connections network by attending events that might be out of your Professional scope but falls into your personal interests’ scope.
  4. 23:03 Get out of your skill-bubble and rediscover your hidden skills.
  5. 34:34 Take the extra mile and go out in confidence doing what you never expected to do.
  6. 47:10 Closing remarks and summary of the importance of personal improvement especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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