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Reopening the Economy After the COVID-19 Lockdown (S01 - E11)

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As the curve is being flattened in many parts of Canada and the world, we see countries, states and provinces are reopening the economy. Some believe to be totally ready and some to be believed it’s too soon for such an action. Provinces around Canada are gradually and carefully reopening, countries and even some states in USA are also doing so.

How is it going to look like once we reopen the economy? What shall we expect and what shall we do to guarantee a safe reopening for everyone? When are we expected to go back to normalcy? How are we going to deal with an expected second wave probably in the fall especially if there was no vaccine or at least some remedy medicine available? How Show we change our behaviour during the reopening and even after the whole pandemic goes away?

All these questions and more are the core discussion in this episode of the Quantumly Leaping Podcast.

Episode Topics:

  1. 0:42 Opening and intro about the topics and upcoming topics.
  2. 3:16 What does flatten the curve means and how does that affect the reopening decision.
  3. 13:18 How life will look like during the reopening and the responsibility of individuals and businesses in keeping things under control in this new norm life style.
  4. 23:22 What shall we do after the pandemic and should we start reopening our borders soon?
  5. 34:07 The situation in our neighboring country, the USA. What went wrong and is it too soon to reopen the borders and restore normal travel between the two countries.
  6. 45:07 Closing remarks and important message to Canadians and the world.

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