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Modern Education P1: Online Schooling Challenges (S01 - E12)

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In a world that is changing by the speed of light, everything around us is changing how we live, commute, communicate and live. Yet, somethings are still moving very slow like education. A lot of people (students or parents) are feeling that education nowadays doesn’t match the real needs of this era nor it is sufficient to help with a future career or sufficient knowledge. In this two-episode topic we’re going to tackle the tough issue of modern education and the challenges it faces in the age of the internet and fast telecommunication.

In this episode we’re concentrating on schooling, especially the online schooling that became a great challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic. From what we saw, heard and experienced, we wanted to start this conversation from our point of view in light of the rising challenges of school education in this era of history.

Episode Topics:

  1. 0:23 Opening remarks about education.
  2. 3:24 What is online schooling and how can it be utilized with class learnin.
  3. 14:25 Benefits and challenges of online schooling.
  4. 23:34 Why does many teachers defy online schooling and how that effected the sudden Transition in COVID-19.
  5. 34:57 How can we utilize online schooling in the future for the best level of education.
  6. 46:46 Closing remarks.

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