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Modern Education P2: College Education Challenges (S01 - E13)

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In our previous episode we talked about the challenges of modern education especially the online schooling. As COVID-19 quickly transformed all education to online college education didn’t do much well in this extreme challenge. Problems with college education hasn’t started with COVID-19 for sure but this pandemic uncovered a lot of issues in this field. Parents are having a close look for the first time to what their kids are learning and they’re definitely not happy.

For the past couple of years, we’re seeing a lot of frustration with college education by both parents and students. Stuck in a very old cycle of curricula, educational methods and lack of understanding of the new market’s career requirements, college education is becoming very expensive and mostly inefficient. College students are becoming so frustrated that they are committing suicide in hundreds out of frustration. They are paying much money for an education that does not prepare them for the modern work environment, they are drowned in debt and have no decent income to pay for it.

What happened to college education that it became that expensive and inefficient? How does the COVID-19 pandemic reveal the problems with college education? What will happen to most colleges post COVID-19 now that parents are very unhappy with their kids’ advancement? All these and more question are the topics of this episode.

Episode Topics:

  1. 0:24 Intro and welcome message
    https://youtu.be/ f2SdbLPrB_c?t=0m24s
  2. 1:48 Modern College Education Challenges.
  3. 16:08  Online college education experience vs class experience before and during COVID-19.
  4. 25:53 College education challenge with the modern work experience.
  5. 36:47 The future of High education.
  6. 48:12 Closing remarks and summary.

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