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The United States Elections 2020 (S01 - Special live Episode)

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On the day of November 3rd, 2020, the whole world will tune in to their TVs, radio stations and of course the internet to see what might happen in the US Presidential elections. The most important election in the world and this year probably the most critical one in the modern history.

After the very unexpected and probably most shocking win of President Trump in 2016 the whole world has changed course and started to look a lot different. Nothing has been as the old usual anymore and in a very tough and eventful year like 2020 it’s even more interesting than ever. An election within an unprecedented political unrest, in the middle of a one-in-a-century fatal pandemic and the rise of extremism (especially white supremacy) and political tribalism, this election is definitely the most interesting and crucial to the USA and probably the whole world.

This special live episode of Quantumly Leaping Podcast will be held “LIVE” on Facebook at the election night and will discuss in an open dialogue and in interaction with liv audience the main topics on everyone’s mind regarding the US elections 2020.

Episode Topics:

  1. 00:20 Where is the US Politics going if either candidate won?
  2. 10:40 How will it affect Canada and the world? 
  3. 22:04 Personal Hygiene (pre and post COVID-19)
  4. 38:30 How will the upcoming administration handle global issues like the Coronavirus Pandemic, Climate Change, International Relationships & trade... etc.?
  5. 52:12 Election security. Is it affected by foreign interference (Russia, China, Iran... etc.) or even internal fraud?
  6. 55:45 Closing Remarks

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