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Retail Business In A Global Pandemic (S02-E01)

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In a one-in-a-century global pandemic some businesses were hit hard that they permanently close and some made billions in all types of business sectors. Retail business sector was no difference, we saw big retailers making more money than ever while small and medium retailers mostly suffer much to survive or even close because of the lockdowns. Yet, that wasn’t the major rule to all SMB and local retailers. We saw some survive fine, some with slight improvement and some with even better success than ever before.

Yet, the story is not finished. Now that we’re expected to be done from the pandemic by the end of 2021, we’re going into a new norm. Life might get back to some of the old normal but a lot of things are going to change, and they’ll change for ever. We might not know exactly what it will look like but when it comes to business, we definitely know it will change forever. In this episode we concentrate on the retail business especial local SMB. Our guest Ms. Barbara J. Crowhurst to tell us all about it, before the pandemic, during and after.

Barbara’s Short Bio

S02-E01-Barbara_Crowhurst.jpg, Feb 2021

Barbara J. Crowhurst shares partnership of Retail Makeover with her life partner Steve Crowhurst.  Started in the late 90’s Barbara and Steve specialize in helping retailers achieve their dreams of running successful and profitable businesses.

Services Include

Leading International Retail Business Coaching, Retail Business Speaker, Sales Trainer, Retail Store Designer, Merchandising Specialist, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Website Consulting, Training, Setup, Design, Customizing, Maintenance, SEO Optimization, Web Sales Analysis, Social Media Sales integration.

Barbara’s Business Information

Barbara J. Crowhurst 
Leading International Retail Business Coach, Author, Speaker, Sales Trainer, Retail Store Designer, Merchandising Specialist and Social Media Marketing Specialist

Office Line: (905) 686-8898, Ext: 1
Mobile Line: (416) 522-8169
Email:  retailmakeoverca@gmail.com
Website: www.retailmakeover.ca

Episode Topics:

  1. 1. 0:00 Intro
  2. 0:17 Opening remarks
  3. 2:45 Introducing our Guest Barbara Crowhurst
  4. 3:56 Barbara's extended introduction and her business
  5. 13:20 How did she start and the business before the pandemic
  6. 15:05 The sudden changes due to the lockdown and the lack of preparation for a digital transformation
  7. 21:05 How some businesses were ready or quickly coped with the sudden changes and why others failed
  8. 26:06 Will the changes done become permanent or we will go back to the old ways or a hybrid between both
  9. 31:31 Will we see some retailers that were created because of the pandemic disappear after it’s over or can they repurpose or transform to cope with the new norm?
  10. 36:32 Closing remarks

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