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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Climate Change: Past, Present and Future (S01 - E08)

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The issue of climate change has been introduced heavily in the media for the past decade or two. Between a true believer and a total denier, the issue has actually been introduced for about a century or more. Why does it surface recently? Why are there a lot of controversy around it between believers and deniers? What are the effects of climate change to our world and are they preventable? How is the technology like AI and Quantum Computing is helping? How did change climate went into a major slow down during the COVID-19 pandemic? And, what can everyone do to help with it?

All these questions are going to be discussed in this episode about Climate Change, the issue that has been filling up front page news for the past couple of years and the whole world is talking about it.

Episode Topics:

  1. 00:30 - Intro and welcoming
  2. 02:14 - What is climate change: origins of the story, natural climate change vs human affected climate change and why did it come recently to surface.
  3. 12:25 - Climate Change between believers and deniers.
  4. 22:33 - Climate Change during COVID-19.
  5. 32:29 - What can we do to prevent the worsening of climate change.
  6. 40:18 - The Role of AI and Quantum Computing in fighting rapid climate change.
  7. 42:38 - Closing and goodbyes

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