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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Personal Wealth (S01 - E15)

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As many people get scammed every day nowadays, or find themselves in a huge debt because they overused their credit cards or simply reached the retirement age with no savings to mention it is becoming more and more important to talk about how manage your own personal wealth and protect your savings from being robbed out of your hands because of an immoral scammer, an irresistible ad that pushes you to buy what you don’t need or being ignorant of what you gain and what you spend.

In this episode we are talking about a topic that we’re both passionate about, as in our all episodes, that is Personal Wealth. We will talk, as we always do, from our personal life experiences and from what we learned from experts in this field. This episode is a lightweight summer episode we shot in July talking about a heavy topic with fun and simplicity.

Episode Topics:

  1. 00:14 Intro and greetings.

  2. 01:37 What is personal wealth and how to quantify it (household income, assets… etc.)

  3. 12:00 Why financial literacy is so important especially when comes to knowledge about mortgage, debt, credit cards… etc.

  4. 23:05 Challenges of personal wealth management during the tough unprecedented time of COVID-19 pandemic when nothing can be expected anymore.

  5. 31:01 Closing remarks.

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